1 & 2

The SUITES are where it all begins.  With two dressing areas there is plenty of space drop off the stuff, crank up the music and start lookin' fine. 


The LOADING ZONE is exactly that, smack in the middle of everything this is a close place to drop off all the decorations, dresses, suites and desserts.  It's also the spot caterers and food trucks set up and serve from.  


The CONSERVATORY is our "extra" space, an excellent "plan-B", a bonus place for whatever needs to happen.  Indoor ceremony, buffet line, bean bag tourny or just leave it for guests to walk through, gaze at the wisteria vines and smell the lavender plants.  It's always nice to have a backup.


The COURTYARD is that cozy piece of lawn that everyone likes to hang out on, giving many options for social hour, serving dinner, yard games, catching up with grampa Ed, open air first-dance or sparkler send off.  Surrounded by cafe lights, vines, and stars, romantic feelings come pretty easy.


The ATRIUM is our crown-jewel.  Surrounded by clear walls and ceilings, open vents and huge sliding doors this converted greenhouse feels like being outside.  With 3,800 spft there is plenty of room to host 200 people, the bar and dancing.


We're not quite sure how to make the PARKING LOT sound glamorous, but here it is.  Off-street and nestled perfectly between the Woods Ceremony Site and The Atrium allows for privacy yet no cars in the background of your perfectly decorated wedding.. 


Being surrounded by trees, bushes and a creek feels so peaceful. Perhaps the most amazing part about having a wedding in the woods is hearing the leaves cheering for you in the breeze.