An outdoor wedding in any weather.

WANTED: looking for couples who dream of their wedding in the beautiful surroundings of a gardened backyard …but then had their hopes crushed by heaping amounts of logistics, the state of their own backyard, and Aunt Bertha complaining about “what if it rains?”
The Atrium is your backyard dream. Imagine gardens tended by someone else, chairs and tables already in place, and more twinkly café-lights than you can shake a stick at. Then envision your reception in a repurposed greenhouse that dances on that fine-line between the beauty of nature and the protection of the indoors. The Atrium will take care of the logistics and the weather, and amaze Aunt Bertha.

sqr foot, clear ceremony/reception space


guests at custom plank tables



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Almost every time we take our dog for a walk we talk about scenarios that start with "wouldn't it be cool if we..."  One day, we began imagining we bought the Garden House in Solon Springs, and the next thing we knew we were designing the most amazing wedding venue we could dream of. 

About  Us


shooting 400+ weddings,


Camp Directors:
coordinated campers and trained staff,

Adventure seems to take center-stage in our marriage.  It might sound strange, but we love trying something new and usually out of the box.  We get a charge when we do things that require creativity, grit, and make people say, "how did you do that"?   
Our resume of fun includes:

Home Builders:
literally building modern homes by ourselves,

Wedding Venue Hosts:
combining all of our experiences, and LOVING IT!

Art Ed degrees, award winning photography, children's book illustrations, commissioned pieces, designer home-builders... WE LOVE MAKING THINGS!


With 20 yrs of love
and 2 girls,
our #1 is each other!



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